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2021 Free Business Cards

Want to make a standout first impression at events, meetings and more? Create business cards that you can confidently hand out to new customers and prospects. Pass them around at events to introduce yourself and your business, or add them to goodie bags, folders and more.

free business cards


Rack up 500 coins in 5 minutes by taking simple actions. Your coin count will always be shown in the stats section of your My Influence Rewards page. Once you have 500 coins add your cards to your cart and they will be 100% FREE!

* This offer is limited to one set of 200 cards per order and per account. Free Shipping is only for USA addresses (does not include Puerto Rico) and ships with USPS Free Business Cards + Free Shipping = $0.00

Unlike other expensive printing firms, 4OVER4.COM understands that even in normal times, most businesses and individuals work on a tight budget. Covid-19 took that to all-new levels so we couldn't re-launch our free business card promotion fast enough to help all businesses in the USA. Please take less than 2 minutes to read the 10 Easy Actions you can take right now to earn 500 coins in minutes. You won't be sorry! Read, take action and get your 100% complimentary Business Cards Today!

Understanding what your business is all about will help us customize your experience and serve you better. You will find your "My Business" link on the left side of your My Influence Rewards dashboard or simply click on the green circle 4 to take you there.

The customization options available give you the power to create business cards that set you apart from the competition. You can be as creative as you like. Or you can use one of the ready-made templates to accelerate the design process. Play around with different images, color schemes, fonts, and text layouts.

With the Adobe Express business card maker, you can quickly and easily make business cards that fit your brand. Adobe Express has thousands of templates to choose from that you can customize to fit your brand by adding your logo, branded fonts, color palette, and more.

Always be ready to meet potential customers with your own business cards. You can customize one of our many free business card designs to feature your logo. Our unique design process saves you time and money. Personalize your business card - add text, change fonts and the layout, and even add images and a logo. All for free. It is truly free to design your business cards at

"FreeLogoServices was a great find! They had great looking logos, and simple interface to use, and good-quality cards for the money. Best part about it, I had accidentally submitted my request without proof reading my card carefully enough; I called their customer service hotline, left a message, and received a call-back immediately! The customer rep was friendly and helpful, and made sure that my cards were corrected! Super awesome! I would recommend this service to anybody!" - Kurt Wuerfele

Customize your free business card design with a custom logo, at no additional cost. Our award-winning designers have created 1,000s of logo templates in popular industries. It's easy to add your new logo to any of our free business card designs. Once you love your new design, purchase the files to get unlimited access to print as many cards as you need. Choose a matte or glossy finish, premium or ultra-premium paper stock, and even add a custom design to the back of your cards.

From there, your business card mockup is emailed to you for downloading and printing. Easy peasy, right? The only downsides are that your business card design is not very customizable and you have to find your own printing.

PsPrint is another online design tool that allows you to either upload your existing business card design or browse its templates to create one from scratch. Choose from a number of templates to create a standard, full color, thick, or even folded business card.

On top of being incredibly affordable for brands, GotPrint also has one of the more user-friendly design interfaces. Similar to many well-known online graphic design software, GotPrint has an easy-to-use design tool so you can quickly customize your business card design.

And while you can order a smaller amount of business cards if you choose, its standard business cards start around $35 for a batch of 1,000. With the additional $35 for a business card design, you can get 1,000 new business cards for less than $100.

Canva, which is often used to create social media images, can also make business cards. Choose from one of the suggested layouts or build your own from scratch. Business cards take longer to make with this tool, but they can be completely customized.

The fancier the paper stock you choose, the more expensive your business cards will be. However, if you have a bit of wiggle room in your budget, unique business cards will stand out more than standard ones.

You can also opt for ultra-thick cards or sleek thin cards for something different. If you want something special, look at each of the card materials the above business card makers offer to see what resonates with you.

A business card has one purpose: to help people contact you. If your design is too complex, it will be harder for the person holding your card to find the information they need. They should be able to quickly glance at your card and learn everything they need to know to contact you.

Your business card needs to have a clear design, but the content it contains is just as important. Make sure any important information, such as your name and contact details, is included and easy to find.

Finally, your business card is like a mini version of your business. If your business card is low print quality, people will assume your business is low quality, too. No matter what, make sure you work with a good printer and use a high-resolution version of your logo. And opt for the best card stock you can afford!

Besides your warm smile and a firm handshake, you also need a business card to make a great impression on potential customers and partners. But the problem is, business cards can be quite expensive. And if you actually find a free deal, it turns out to be a marketing ploy for lead generation and upselling.

InoPrints is a print-on-demand platform that allows you to design and order 100 business cards for free. These business cards are fully customisable, and you can even upload your own design. The quality is decent, and the turn-around time is quite fast.

Canva is probably the best online graphic design platform and offers a great option for designing your next business card. You can choose from thousands of templates designed by professional designers.

A reputed online printing service in the UK, Banana Print offers a great option for getting 50 zero-cost business cards of top-notch quality. The platform lets you upload your designs and choose from thousands of pre-made templates for free.

When you use the right mix of business credit cards, you can keep your business and personal finances completely separate. A business credit card can also help small business owners save thousands each year with competitive cash back and perks designed to simplify and reward everyday business operations.

The Blue Business Plus card is a rare example of a no-annual-fee way to game your rewards earnings. You'll earn 2X points on all purchases up to $50,000 per year. It's a perfect fit if your business is small enough to spend less than $50,000 per year. If not, spend up to the $50,000 max, then switch to another card for the rest of the year's purchases. You'll win either way.

With both an introductory APR offer and solid earnings, the Business Advantage Travel Rewards World Mastercard credit card is a viable choice for growing small businesses. If you're in the Bank of America ecosystem, the enhanced earnings could become best in class.

For business owners who max out the 50k annual spending on the bonus categories, the rewards are substantial for a no-annual-fee card. Preferred Rewards for Business members can make out like a bandit with the 25-75% rewards bonus. The foreign transaction fee means it's best to keep this card at home when traveling overseas.

Rewards: Earn 2 Membership Rewards points per dollar on everyday business purchases such as office supplies or client dinners up to the first $50,000 in purchases per year, then 1 point per dollar on all other purchases.

Rewards: Earn 4 Membership Rewards points per dollar on the 2 select categories where a business spends the most each month. 1 point per dollar is earned for other purchases. The 4 point per dollar earning rate applies to the first $150,000 in combined purchases from the 2 eligible categories each calendar year.

The Ink Business Preferred Credit Card remains an all-star business credit card with one of the most lucrative welcome bonuses available on any business credit card in the marketplace. Chase Ultimate Rewards points are arguably the most valuable credit card points available. The bonus spending categories offered by this card are attractive and relevant for start-ups and small businesses.

Other Benefits and Drawbacks: Significant travel protection (trip cancellation and interruption for up to $5,000 per person), primary rental car insurance, cell phone insurance for up to $1,000 per claim, no foreign transaction fees and no additional cost for employee cards make this card good for more than earning rewards. The card also has a lower annual fee compared to competitor business credit cards.

The best credit cards for startups and new businesses were chosen based on welcome bonuses, fees, rewards and other perks. Keep in mind what may be best for some consumers might not be right for you. Conduct informed research before deciding which cards will best help you achieve your financial goals.

Business credit cards offer small and medium-sized businesses an opportunity to use regular revolving lines of credit to simplify and make business operations more convenient. Though in many respects business credit cards operate much the same as consumer credit cards, several differences set business credit cards apart from consumer cards. 041b061a72


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