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Best Mac Lipsticks For Fall 2015 _HOT_

Dark plum and deep burgundy lipsticks are always fall makeup essentials, but recently, the must-have lip is just a bit darker. Black lipstick is now an edgier option to add to your fall collection. If you are thinking about trying the dark lip trend, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Best Mac Lipsticks For Fall 2015

The 2012 VIVA Glam spokespeople were Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin, who is the first Latin American man to be asked to be a part of VIVA Glam. They both created their own VIVA Glam cosmetics, Minaj's being a light pink lipstick while Martin's was a lip conditioner. Minaj's lipstick becoming the best selling VIVA Glam lipstick of all time, and she was invited back to front the 2013 campaign solo.[13] The 2014 VIVA Glam spokesperson was Rihanna, who raised 50 million for the MAC AIDS Fund.[14][15] Miley Cyrus became the 2015 VIVA Glam spokesperson,[16] going on to outsell Nicki Minaj's previous best of $350M by over $50M. Miley's 2015 campaign raised $400m.


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