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Failed To Launch The Launcher Dll Portal 2

This internal error should only happen if the guest agent plug-in launcher is manually invoked incorrectly on the VM.-3Can't load the Diagnostics configuration file.Solution: Caused by a configuration file not passing schema validation. The solution is to provide a configuration file that complies with the schema.-4Another instance of the monitoring agent Diagnostics is already using the local resource directory.Solution: Specify a different value for LocalResourceDirectory.-6The guest agent plug-in launcher attempted to launch Diagnostics with an invalid command line.This internal error should only happen if the guest agent plug-in launcher is manually invoked incorrectly on the VM.-10The Diagnostics plug-in exited with an unhandled exception.-11The guest agent was unable to create the process responsible for launching and monitoring the monitoring agent.Solution: Verify that sufficient system resources are available to launch new processes.-101Invalid arguments when calling the Diagnostics plug-in.This internal error should only happen if the guest agent plug-in launcher is manually invoked incorrectly on the VM.-102The plug-in process is unable to initialize itself.Solution: Verify that sufficient system resources are available to launch new processes.-103The plug-in process is unable to initialize itself. Specifically, it's unable to create the logger object.Solution: Verify that sufficient system resources are available to launch new processes.-104Unable to load the rcf file provided by the guest agent.This internal error should only happen if the guest agent plug-in launcher is manually invoked incorrectly on the VM.-105The Diagnostics plug-in can't open the Diagnostics configuration file.This internal error should only happen if the Diagnostics plug-in is manually invoked incorrectly on the VM.-106Can't read the Diagnostics configuration file.Caused by a configuration file not passing schema validation. Solution: Provide a configuration file that complies with the schema. For more information, see Check Diagnostics extension configuration.-107The resource directory pass to the monitoring agent is invalid.This internal error should only happen if the monitoring agent is manually invoked incorrectly on the VM.

Failed To Launch The Launcher Dll Portal 2


launcher.dll issues are often the result of missing, deleted, or being moved from it's original Half-Life 2: Update DLL installer location. A large percentage of these file issues can be resolved with downloading and installing the latest version of your DLL file. Also, maintaining a clean and optimized Windows registry can help in preventing invalid DLL file path references, so we highly recommend running a registry scan on a regular basis.

Even though most problems related to errors assocated with launcher.dll should be fixed if placed in the correct directory, you should carry out a quick test to confirm. Try re-opening Half-Life 2: Update to see if the error message still appears.

Half-Life 2: Update-related launcher.dll issues happen during installation, when launcher.dll-related software is running, startup/shutdown, or during the Windows installation process. When seeing the launcher.dll error, please record occurrences to troubleshoot Half-Life 2: Update, and to help Filip Victor find the cause.

launcher.dll files get corrupted from malware, bad shutdowns (OS or Half-Life 2: Update), and other launcher.dll-involved scenarios. Corrupt launcher.dll files prevent correct loading, which leads to Half-Life 2: Update or launcher.dll error messages.

In rare occasions, launcher.dll errors with Half-Life 2: Update are due to Windows registry faults. Broken DLL file references can prevent your DLL file from registering properly, giving you a launcher.dll error Broken keys can be caused by a missing launcher.dll, moved launcher.dll, or an errant file path reference from unsuccessful install (or uninstall) of Half-Life 2: Update.

wdt_ID Brief Description of Issue Brief Description of Fix Applicable Product Versions Affected (if known) Link to supplemental Support Article(s) 1 Windows Media Player throws an error "An error occured while playing the file" when attempting to play mp4 videos or "Windows Media Player encountered a problem while playing the file" when attempting to play wmv videos. A new registry DWORD needs to be created within "HKLM\Software\Citrix\HDXMediaStream" for 32-bit machines and "HKLM\Software\Wow6432Node\Citrix\HdxMediaStream" for 64-bit machines. The DWORD name is "UseDefaultRenderers" with a value of "0x1". Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 to 7.13. 2 USB redirection is not working for signature pad. Manufacturers of signature pads may provide additional client and/or server components that need to be loaded in order for signature pad operations to succeed in ICA sessions. For example ePAD provides drivers for the client and server and an ePadLink utility for testing functionality on both the client and VDA. These components may also enable the redirection of signature pads into the VDA session. 3 XenApp 7.6 VMs randomly become unresponsive. A deadlock situation between 2 threads causes this issue. Upgrade the VDA to version 7.8 which contains fix "LC4195". Citrix XenApp 7.6. 4 Citrix Studio reports "The security timestamp is invalid" when browsing Machine Catalogs or Delivery Groups. Resync the clock of each Delivery Controller in the farm using command "w32tm /resync". The default maximum acceptable different in time between a client computer clock and the Domain Controller clock is 5 minutes. 5 VDA failed to uninstall or upgrade because profilemgt_x64.msi failed to uninstall. The error reported is "Installation of MSI File 'profilemgt_x64.msi' failed with code 'InstallFailure' (1603)". This is to be resolved by Citrix. In the meantime, you should as a workaround follow the three steps contained in the CTX article. Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 or 7.6 LTSR. 6 VDA blue screens randomly and all changes on standalone VDA are lost after reboot. Upgrade to XenDesktop 7.14 or later. Otherwise, attach the VDA VHD to another computer, open the System hive, make registry changes noted in CTX article and then detach the VHD. Citrix XenApp 7.11. 7 You receive error "Could not connect to Orchestration Service" after upgrade to XenDesktop 7.15. During the Site upgrade the "OrchDBConnection" and "TrustDBConnection" schema was not created. You must run the failed commands manually to create the Orchestration database connections. Citrix XenDesktop 7.15. 8 Schannel Event IDs 36888 and 36874 are reported on VDAs. These errors appear due to the client and server being unable to communicate correctly, which may be caused by certificate or cipher suite issues. Citrix report that it is safe to ignore these errors. 9 A "1030" error occurs when connecting to a Remote PC connection. Turn off the proxy in Internet Explorer or set "ProxyType" to "None" in default.ica. McAfee Web Gateway was configured as a proxy on the client. This was blocking the ICA connection request from reaching the VDA. This issue could be caused by other proxies too. 10 When connecting to a published desktop from Mozilla Firefox you receive "The connection to ... failed with status (Unknown client error 0)" or "Unable to launch your application. Contact your help desk with the following information: Cannot connect to the Citrix XenApp Server. The Citrix SSL server you have selected is not accepting connections". Download Firefox 53.067 64-bit. It seems that the 32-bit version of Firefox 52.0.2 is not working and causing these errors. Citrix XenDesktop 7.12 and Mozilla Firefox. table.wpDataTable table-layout: fixed !important; table.wpDataTable td, table.wpDataTable th white-space: normal !important; table.wpDataTable td.numdata text-align: right !important;

Note: You can use the JDK_JAVA_OPTIONS launcher environment variable to prepend its content to the actual command line of the java launcher. See Using the JDK_JAVA_OPTIONS Launcher Environment Variable.

Windows: The javaw command is identical to java, except that with javaw there's no associated console window. Use javaw when you don't want a command prompt window to appear. The javaw launcher will, however, display a dialog box with error information if a launch fails.

JDK_JAVA_OPTIONS prepends its content to the options parsed from the command line. The content of the JDK_JAVA_OPTIONS environment variable is a list of arguments separated by white-space characters (as determined by isspace()). These are prepended to the command line arguments passed to java launcher. The encoding requirement for the environment variable is the same as the java command line on the system. JDK_JAVA_OPTIONS environment variable content is treated in the same manner as that specified in the command line.

Single (') or double (") quotes can be used to enclose arguments that??contain whitespace characters. All content between the open quote and the first matching close quote are preserved by simply removing the pair of quotes. In case a matching quote is not found, the launcher will abort with an error message. @-files are supported as they are specified in the command line. However, as in @-files, use of a wildcard is not supported. In order to mitigate potential misuse of JDK_JAVA_OPTIONS behavior, options that specify the main class (such as -jar) or cause the java launcher to exit without executing the main class (such as -h) are disallowed in the environment variable. If any of these options appear in the environment variable, the launcher will abort with an error message. When JDK_JAVA_OPTIONS is set, the launcher prints a message to stderr as a reminder.

Specifies one or more argument files prefixed by @ used by the java command. It isn't uncommon for the java command line to be very long because of the .jar files needed in the classpath. The @argfile option overcomes command-line length limitations by enabling the launcher to expand the contents of argument files after shell expansion, but before argument processing. Contents in the argument files are expanded because otherwise, they would be specified on the command line until the --disable-@files option was encountered.


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