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David Thomas
David Thomas

Down To Earth

Keeping your business running on solid ground means providing you the best IT consulting, the best business IT solutions, and the best advice from experts who have years of knowledge across all IT services. Although our offices are in Waco, Texas, we serve clients around the world as if they were right down the street.

Down to Earth


Bonjour encore une fois de l'équipe qui continue à monter l'escalier au ciel, Now that both Allan Meadows and Steve Tanzer have chimed in to echo the sentiments that I have espoused and expressed in no uncertain terms since my annual Fall visit, that the best of the 2016 Burgundy crop is downright classic and beyond compelling. Perhaps now both lifelong collectors and curious neophytes will heed my call with a greater sense of validation and urgency. Yields are way [ READ MORE]

Bonjour d'une maison de la classe gastronomique et une sincerité toujours touchante, Ludivine and Jean Dirler-Cadé are, hands down, two of my favorite people with whom I work. Soulful sincerity (with a healthy dose of dark humor) is all that one will ever encounter here, with self-evident biodynamic purity, class and complexity in every single one of their wines that is at the very pinnacle of quality in Alsace. Over the past few years, I have pounded the drum with [ READ MORE]


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