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David Thomas
David Thomas

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Gold Edition LINK

The Colt Anaconda is called the ".44 Magnum" in the game; it appears in multiplayer and Survival modes. In singleplayer the Modern Warfare 2 stainless steel Anaconda appears briefly in a flashback, and the new Anaconda model can rarely be found in "Bag and Drag" where bizarrely it is the sidearm of French GIGN troops; they will draw it occasionally instead of reloading their primary weapon if they are under fire, perhaps standing in for the real GIGN's Manurhin MR-73 revolvers. It appears with wood grips with a black synthetic insert, has a gold medallion on the frame below the cylinder release, and the hammer appears to have been cropped. It should be noted that the Anaconda in-game has a blued finish, which was not ever produced in real life; all Anacondas are stainless steel. The firing sound of the Anaconda reuses the firing sound of the Desert Eagle from the previous Modern Warfare games.

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Gold Edition


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