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0 Instagram Video Download: A Simple and Reliable Solution for Downloading Videos from IG

InstaSave - Download Instagram Video & Save Photos is a free and handy utility tool developed by Hyper Tornado for mobile devices. This lightweight app empowers you to save, download and repost any video or photo you've seen on Instagram. As far as everyone knows, the download and repost functions aren't possible to do on Instagram unless you use third-party apps like this Instasave mobile app. It is easy to use and requires no login to experience what it can provide.

0 instagram video download

Aside from allowing you to download and save video as well as photo contents from Instagram, Instasave gives you the liberty to zoom in and out on the Insta content you're looking in, as well. Insta videos seen with this utility, support video play features such as fast forward and rewind. Moreover, the hashtags used in the Insta post can be copied effortlessly, saving you some time.

Once you have opened your Instagram, a three-dot menu button is seen just right above every Insta post. You will need to click on that and tap the 'Copy Share URL' button, afterward. To download the photo or video successfully, you must go back to the InstaSave application and paste the copied URL. To download, repost or copy hashtags, just click the right arrow button.

InstaSave - Download Instagram Video & Save Photos is an efficient utility tool that will allow you to do more with Instagram content. The missing features like download, repost, copy hashtags, etc. in Instagram can easily be used in this application. You only need to copy and paste the URL of your preferred photo or video and the app will do the rest.

[instantgram] is a bookmarklet for downloading single images from Instagram. Tiny, simple, without any further extensions or downloads. Just drag the [instantgram] button to the bookmark bar of your browser, open any Instagram post and click on the bookmarklet. Just works :-)

The location of the Instagram cache is storage/android/data/ However, when I look on my device, it seems that the files are not stored in a traditional video format. You should be able to find the video there, if at all though.

I am trying to download an instagram video using a webview, but it doesn't even detect the video that I am trying to download. I tried that code to download facebook videos and it works just fine, but for instagram when I click the video I expect it to open on a separate page, but it doesn't and it can't download.

Do you want to download all of your Instagram videos? Or maybe save Instagram videos you like? You can set up an IFTTT applet. To get the applet working, you will need an IFTTT account, an Instagram account, and a Dropbox account.

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To grab your video, find the URL of the video post on Instagram and paste it into the web app. When you're ready, click on the Download button to start the saving process. Make sure you remove any junk tags from the end of the URL before you attempt the download, or else the process will fail.

However, although the iOS app is gone, Regrammer lives on in web browsers. You can use it on any operating system to download an Instagram video to a PC or Mac. Once again, you'll need the URL of the Instagram video you want to download to make the app work. When you have it, head to the Regrammer website, paste in the URL, and click Preview.

If you want to save Instagram videos onto your iOS device, the process is a little more complex. These days, you will struggle to find a regular Instagram video downloader in the Apple App Store, presumably because the practice breaches Instagram's terms and conditions.

One solution is to pair the Documents app with a web-based downloader. For those who don't know, Documents is probably the best iOS app for managing your system folders and keeping your files organized.

Yes, you can download them. Yes, you can enjoy them. But don't go uploading them as your own, or distributing them in any other way, especially without giving due credit. You wouldn't want the same thing done to you.

For example, you can use one of the generic apps that let you download streaming video from websites. VideoGrabby, Video DownloadHelper, and Freemake Video Downloader are all solid options in this department.

Make sure you also check out our guides detailing how to download YouTube video playlists and how to download Periscope videos. Not being able to download videos without using a third-party tool is just one of Instagram's many annoyances. Thankfully, we've covered how to break Instagram restrictions in a separate article.

You can also download private videos with our Download Private Video Facebook tool.Conclusion: There are many different Facebook video downloaders on the internet, but our Fsave tool prides itself on being built with the most advanced, safest and easiest to use technology. You can safely download videos from Facebook with Fsave...

Seal is a free multimedia app developed by JunkFood. This mobile application can download videos and audio files from video platforms supported by yt-dlp. It is also a messaging service that automatically encrypts all conversations, media files, and documents sent between users.

Seal is a well-designed app for downloading audio and video content. You can rely on it to function efficiently and without complications. This will make it easy to download videos from any video platform and watch them on your mobile device. Moreover, this tool is simple and has a straightforward user interface that is easy to navigate. Plus, the installation process is simple.

This video-downloading app also features live chat and live streaming options. You can use the app to make friends, show off your skills, send virtual gifts, and make real-time video calls with other users. Furthermore, you can download video and audio files from video platforms powered by yt-dlp or formerly known as YouTube-DL. You can run the yt-dlp command provided by this app with a custom template.

Seal app is one of the best downloader apps out there. It's full of features to help you convert files, improve their quality, and customize your experience. The only drawback for you may be your limited selection of videos to download through this tool. But add this app to your downloads if you want an easy, convenient method to manage your content.

On April 3, 2012, Instagram released a version of its app for Android phones,[24][25] and it was downloaded more than one million times in less than one day.[26] The Android app has since received two significant updates: first, in March 2014, which cut the file size of the app by half and added performance improvements;[27][28] then in April 2017, to add an offline mode that allows users to view and interact with content without an Internet connection. At the time of the announcement, it was reported that 80% of Instagram's 600 million users were located outside the U.S., and while the aforementioned functionality was live at its announcement, Instagram also announced its intention to make more features available offline, and that they were "exploring an iOS version".[29][30][31]

Let's say you want to download an Instagram video to your iPhone. What do you do? While Instagram doesn't offer an official solution, there are backchannel methods that exist to get the job done. However, if you want native support for downloading Instagram videos directly to your Photos app, you can start by updating your iPhone to iOS 12 and installing Shortcuts.

Shortcuts on Apple's latest mobile OS introduces a system for developing complex and useful tasks to run on your iPhone automatically. What used to be only possible on desktop computers can now be accomplished on your smartphone. With that technology comes the ability to download almost any video you can find on Instagram directly to your iPhone. You just need to have the right shortcut.

First, tap one of the above links on your iPhone. On the following screen, tap "Get Shortcut." You'll be greeted by a screen asking if you'd like to enable Auto-Save (0 for yes, 00 for no). Auto-Save downloads videos to Photos automatically. Without it, you will need to take an extra two steps to save videos to your iPhone.

Not that this shortcut seems to use third-party services to download the media. We are looking for one that pulls directly from Instagram's API to replace this, but until then, this is a great option you can utilize.

Once the shortcut is installed, open Instagram and find a video you'd like to download. This works for videos in your feed, in the explore tab, on specific accounts, and on IGTV. The only exceptions are Stories and Instagram video ads. These are, unfortunately, not compatible with this shortcut, as there are no options to share these types of videos or copy their URLs (more on that below).

While downloading Instagram videos is simple thanks to this shortcut, it won't be the same experience for everyone. Oddly, some users see different options for sharing links in Instagram, which affects how you can use the shortcut. We're going to run through the two main methods here. Don't worry if you don't fit into Method 1, as all users can take advantage of Method 2.

When Auto-Save is disabled, the video itself will pop up on your iPhone, as seen in the above GIF. You'll need to tap the share icon, then tap "Save Video" to complete the download. However, you can also share the video or save to Files from the share sheet if you prefer not to download the file to your device.

When Auto-Save is disabled, the video itself will pop up on your iPhone. You'll need to tap the share icon, then tap "Save Video" to complete the download. However, you can also share the video or save to Files from the share sheet if you prefer not to download the file to your device. (See Method 1 for screenshots.)


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