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Hunter Sanders

LEGO DC Super-Villains Justice League Dark Directx 9 Download ((LINK))

it's good to be bad embark on an all-new dc/lego adventure by becoming the best villain the universe has seen. players will create and play as an all-new super-villain throughout the game, unleashing mischievous antics and wreaking havoc in an action-packed story. set in an open world experience within the dc universe, the justice league has disappeared, leaving earth's protection to their counterparts, who have proclaimed themselves as the justice syndicate. it's up to you and a crazy group of misfits to uncover the intentions of earth's new, strange, wannabe superheroes. joined by renowned dc super-villains: the joker, harley quinn, and countless others from the injustice league, players will set out on an epic adventure.

LEGO DC Super-Villains Justice League Dark Directx 9 Download

play as your favorite dc heroes and villains like never before. play as each super-hero and super-villain in a variety of modes. take control of iconic characters like batman, harley quinn, the joker, superman, wonder woman, and more. whether you're playing through the justice league stories or the new story-based adventure mode, the biggest dc heroes and villains will be at your fingertips. enter the arena as batman, batman, superman, wonder woman, or any other dc super-hero you can think of. fight alongside super-heroes like superman and wonder woman, or take control as your favorite dc super-villains.

lego dc super-villains: justice league dark is a third-person action and adventure game that alternates between different action sequences, adventure, and puzzle scenarios. just like the titles in previous lego batman trilogy, such as lego batman 2: dc super heroes and lego batman 3: beyond gotham, players can access a unique and mysterious series in the dc universe role, each role has its unique abilities and a distinct play style, allowing you to play as a dc superhero or supervillain.


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