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Wacom Bamboo Pen Driver

Installing the software driver is necessary for your Wacom product to work properly. If you have not done so already, please download and install the correct software driver. Be sure to come back to this page for additional help in getting started with your product.

Wacom Bamboo Pen Driver

You need to install the Wacom driver software on your computer before the pen display will work. Depending on your device and operating system, you might need to install the DisplayLink driver software as well.

A hardware driver is a small computer program that allows your computer to interact with Wacom products. It is important to download the most recent driver to ensure that your device is working properly and that you can access its full array of features.

If you are having any issues with your Wacom driver, it could be one of many problems. Sometimes Uninstalling and Reinstalling Your Driver is only a last resort when the issue could be a temporary until a new driver is released or OS update might be required.

If you've ever seen one of the following errors, on either Mac OS or Windows/PC, then it's probably not as bad as you think. It usually says something to the effect of "Tablet Not Found" or "Tablet Not Connected, even though it might clearly be plugged in and all drivers are updated.

But in just a few steps you can restart the drivers instead of reinstalling them again, or even needing to restart your computer. Hopefully this can be a reliable fix for you until another permanent one is found through Driver or OS updates.

If you are just now installing the latest driver, you should be prompted to allow Permissions for you device. If it's already installed or you didn't receive a prompt (safe to check either way), head over to you System Preferences:

If no Wacom components are listed, you could use the Plus/Add button on the bottom to find them. Alternatively, if need, follow just a few more steps to add any necessary Wacom apps/drivers to the list:

NOTE: Mac OS only allows the security settings to be changed within the first 30 minutes of installing the application. If the issue continues, or if you already have WacomTouchDriver listed, please over install the driver with the current driver listed on the Wacom driver page (even if you already have the current driver installed). Once installed, go to Apple Menu>System Preferences> Security and Privacy. A prompt to allow the missing permissions should be shown. Click the lock icon at the lower left to allow changes to the settings, then select the allow button.

After googling a little bit, I checked that xserver-xorg-input-wacom was installed. I plugged in my tablet. I rebooted my computer. Nothing special happened. I opened Inkscape. The tablet didn't work. I opened Inkscape's Input devices dialog. I didn't understand anything. I tried to blindly click some options in that dialog but nothing seemed to have any effect. Same with Gimp.

There is also an updated xorg driver for lucid available in the same ppa to fix a bunch of issues in the LTS. Please don't compile your drivers, seek help packaging them up instead so we can provide the driver fixes to everyone and hopefully fix them forever.

(9/17/2017)The current drivers work after upgrading to macOS 10.13 (High Sierra), but the installer removed the Prefs Pane (System Preferences) module. This means that you can continue to use the Bamboo after upgrading, but you will not be able to make any changes to the settings. I have put in a trouble ticket with Wacom on this, and will post any updates here as I receive new information.

This worked for me: On the Wacom driver download page, most of the hardware-specific drivers were written over a year ago. There are only two or three drivers for any Wacom equipment that claim to work with MacOS 10.12. With that in mind, I cleaned out all traces of previous attempts to install, then tried installing the most recent Bamboo driver, not knowing whether it should be Bamboo or Intuos, since Bamboo has been promoted to Intuos...but the installs failed. Then I tried the installer for "Business Solutions interactive displays", obviously not meant for my Bamboo tablet. But it works. Better, in fact, than the Bamboo driver.

Windows touch input is mapped by the operating system. The Wacom driver attempts to override this but may not always be successful in certain environments.Touch mapping is easily set by opening the Tablet PC Settings, selecting the Display tab, clicking the button to configure pen and touch displays, and selecting Touch to calibrate.This Touch calibration tool is hidden on Windows 10 and there is no way to access it through the Windows 10 menu system - it can only be accessed through the Run dialog.The following commands will open the Tablet PC Settings window:

Please download the UV-A8301 USB 2.0 Display Adapter. (Please note that the MAC driver supplied in the download file is not compatible with the 1031X). Normally the MCT driver will update automatically to the latest version from the Internet if your PC is connected to it. The 1031X MCT driver will appear in "Programs and Features" on your PC as "Trigger External Graphics Family...." - see the screenshot at the bottom of this page

For the DisplayLink driver there should also be a Windows Service called "DisplayLinkManager" and this should also be running. If not start it manually.If it doesn't start automatically at the next reboot try uninstalling and re-installing the DisplayLink driver.

For the DTU-1031X the Wacom Professional Service should be running but there is no graphics driver service as such. You should however find a new purple icon in your system tray.Please see the "Programs and Features" screenshot below for an illustration of what the icon looks like.

The driver logs are created in C:\Wacom\Logs and logs will continue to generate in that location until logging is disabled.The logs only capture the Wacom driver's trace statements, the username of the current user session, the OS version of the machine in use, and theapplication name of the front-most application as that changes.

Download the zip file This contains two reg files; one to enable logging and one to disable logging.To use these, you have to manually create a folder for the logs.The scripts use C:\wacom\logs by default, but you can edit the scripts to use any folder with permissions.

In terms of system specification there are no recommended RAM requirements for installing the Wacom tablet driver.Our Pen Tablets use so few resources that we consider any computer that can operate a mouse and keyboard should be compatible with our tablets and drivers.

DisplayLink provide information about system compatibility with their graphics driver, which is required for some of our tablets (for more details see the overview below): -is-my-windows-computer-compatible-with-displaylink

For DTH and DTK models no graphics driver is required because the graphics signal is carried separately via an HDMI cable, not via USB.The tablet driver is the same for all pen tablets but the 1031X requires a different video driver from the 1031 and 1141.

Please note that these 2 video drivers are mutually incompatible and cannot normally be installed together (it may be possible on the very latest version of Windows 10 but is not recommended).This means that you cannot use the 1031 or 1141 at the same time as a 1031X on the same PC. The installation of the DisplayLink graphics driver is normally handled by the Windows platform when a compatible DisplayLink display is connected.Windows 10 has included basic DisplayLink support since the Anniversary update.On Windows 7, Windows Update will fetch the appropriate driver for you and install it, but the installation is not silent.

Once the relevant drivers are installed please check that the "Wacom Professional Service" service is running in Windows Services - if not please start it manually.For the DisplayLink driver there should also be a service called "DisplayLinkManager" and this should also be running.

.NET 4.5 is only required for the Wacom Desktop Center, which is included in the 6.3.30 driver package.The Wacom Desktop Center software does not support the DTU-1141 or 1141B, so it is not necessary to install it for use with that device.If the customer uses the "/opt nowdc" parameter during install they can exclude this software and .NET 4.5 will not try to install.

The 1031X and 1031AX (Adonis Light) require a different graphics driver provided by MCT.For this please download the UV-A8301 USB 2.0 Trigger Family Display Adapter. (Please note that the MAC driver included in the download file is not compatible with the 1031X or AX).

PLEASE NOTE: The DisplayLink and MCT drivers should not normally be installed together on the same PC because they are incompatible - in fact they mutually exclude each other at installation time.It may be possible to avoid conflicts on the very latest releases of Windows 10 where DisplayLink have worked with Microsoft to provide support natively within Windows.

It is very likely that the computer does not have the necessary SHA-2 driver signature support. This was distributed through Windows updates, and the customer can review their installed updates to see if it's installed.SHA-2 driver signatures are required for all new hardware drivers produced after October 2014. SHA-2 driver signatures are native to Windows 8 and Windows 10, but not to Windows 7.Without the necessary update, Windows 7 will believe that a driver signed with SHA-2 is invalid, as it will not recognize the signature.


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